The present

From 22 December 1989 to the beginning of January 2005, 648 trailers of aid reached their destinations in different projects. This weights a total of 10.368.000 kg. The value of the delivered, mainly second-hand articles reaches 28 million Euros.

In 1998 the Mures-Region in Romania was inundated by floods. The complete harvest was demolished in a few days and a large part of the infrastructure was also destroyed.

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs approached Karmel International, asking for help. The Royal Dutch Embassy to Bucuresti took a large part of the organisation of the charity.

In July 1999 Romania was again devastated by floods and landslides. More then 235 families got into hopeless situation due to the disasters in the regions of Alba Iulia and Hunedoara. Many houses collapsed or became unhabitable, complete household goods and personal belongings were destroyed. The infrastructure was also seriously damaged. Fourty people died. The situation was very serious and chaotic: the settlements were damaged and the people faced poverty.

In September 1999 Karmel International provided quick help to 28 families, but another 210 still waited for support. As the winter (that is usually very hard in this region) approached, people were still without shelter and basic food. In these circumstances Karmel's assistance was essential for survival.

The increasing poverty does not only put a burden on the average people, but the overcrowded social institutions like orphanages, pensioner homes and hospitals are also affected. Due to the difficult economic circumstances, the Romanian govenment can provide only a limited budget to them. In the last years the nutrition in these institutions was very simple and unhealthy compared to the standards in the Netherlands. The situation is deteriorating from year to year, and nowadays even the simple nutrition is not available sometimes, so Karmel pays a special attention to these institutions.

Unloading the aid at the pensioners' home in Beclean

Recent developments:

Due to the difficult economic circumstances in Argentina, the Dutch community in Tres Arroyos, turned to Karmel with a request for help. The situation is extremely critical in the Dutch school and the pensioners' home, the only such institutions in the country. Our foundation agreed to assemble a container with aid material for them. Hereby we ask you to support the effort for the help of the Dutch community in Argentina via our regular channels