Karmel International Foundation - the Netherlands


Twenteweg 10, 7532 ST, Enschede, the Netherlands
tel.: +31 (0)53 4616167, fax.: +31 (0)53 5363200

e-mail: karmel (at)

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   IBAN:  NL38 RABO 0313 3044 24

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Gifts, heritages and donations can be subtracted from the tax according to the national law of the Donator.

K.v.K. Enschede nr.: 410321.71


Karmel Hungary

Fö út 109, H-2316, Tököl, Hungary

tel./fax: +36-24-496 489 (István Thuróczy, President)

Református Parókia (Reformed Parochia)

Béke tér 15, H-6328, Dunapataj, Hungary

tel.: +36-78-425094 (Attila Csikó)

mobile: +36-70-3349630


Karmel Romania

Stefan cel Mare nr. 27, RO-4300, Tirgu-Mures

jud. Mures, Romania

Peter Lakatos

tel: +40-265-261512

Rozalia Moldován

tel./fax: +40-265-261847