Home for children and elderly people

Revalidation project to support a physiotherapy department where 100 pensioners (a number of them is demented) and 100 physically and mentally handicaped children are treated.

Photo album of the project

Multifunctional centre

Multifunctional centre for sport, recreation and education.

Football club

We provided the sport dress for the football club "Somes-Gaz-Beclean".

Bethesda Hospital

A new builiding is being constructed for the assistance of elder persons suffering of Azheimer. The building will serve as a residential centre and a day-care/week-care centre for the patients.

The project is financed in the framework of a bilateral agreement of the Dutch and the Romanian governments. The total value of the investment is about 1.5 million Euros, which is co-financed by:

  • Karmel International Foundation, Enschede, the Netherlands
  • Ministry for Labour, Social Solidarity and Family of Romania
  • Beclean City Council, Romania
  • Bistrita-Nasaud County Council, Romania
  • Bruggerbosh Clinic, Enschede, the Netherlands

    Architect: Tamas Stefan, AMI PROIECT, Bistrita

  • More photos of the Bethesda hospital