Our regional projects targeted mostly, but not exclusively, at areas destroyed by floods.

Mures region

In 1998 and the following years, strong and serious flooding destroyed the valley of the Mures River.  Karmel delivered help to the victims of these disasters.

More photos of the Mures floods

Alba Iulia and Hunedoara

(In Hungarian: Gyulafehérvár and Vajdahunyad, in German: Karlsburg/Weissenburg and Eisenmarkt)

Floods and landslides destroyed this region in 1999 and the years after. We were contributing to the reconstruction efforts actively.

More photos


(In Hungarian: Ákosfalva)

We started this project in July 2008. We have several projects here: two trucks delivered furniture for the municipality, schools and activity groups in this group of 9 small settlements around Acatari: Stejeris, Suveica, Gaiesti, Gruisor, Corbesti, Murgesti, Roteni en Valeni (in Hungarian: Cserefalva, Szövérd, Göcs, Kisgörgény, Székelycsóka, Nyárádszentbenedek, Harasztkerék en Székelyvaja).